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Mission Project Huge Success! Getting the Word Out!

Members of Creator's Praise Ministries - The CHAPEL gathered items to be given to local families this Christmas.

Five families were adopted from Colon, Mendon and Vicksburg to be recipients of this year's mission focus. The adopted families will receive specially selected gifts, food packages and a customized family Bible. The Bible was customized by members who contributed Bible verses that were especially helpful to them during specific circumstanses of life. They also contributed a personal prayer to be included in this index. Director of Missions, Meghan Grimm, worked deep into the night to highlight the passages in the Bible and prepare them for distribution.

Special thanks to all members who participated in this activity. Special thanks is also given to members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Colon for there participation in this project. Continued prayers are requested for the beneficiaries of these gifts.

Dear God, please work in the hearts and lives of these families to see the true joy that You supply in this season through the birth of Your Son Jesus. May Your gracious work through Him now extend to these families in the knowledge that they are truly loved by You. Amen

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