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Spring Launch! Church: LET'S. GO. BACK.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Preparations are underway to host a GRAND OPENING as Creator's Praise Ministries resumes a normal worship in their summer home at the Chapel of our Creator's Praise on the grounds of En Gedi Resort. This resumption of worship in their summer home will not arrive without great fanfare.

Throughout the winter months, the launch team and core group of this new church plant have been dreaming of their opportunities to share their faith and their worship with other members of the surrounding community. On Sunday, May 23 the congregation will officially open the summer season and welcome the community to join them in their festive celebration.

The afternoon will begin with worship in the Chapel, followed by a picnic. Other festive activities include inflatables, corn hole, can jam, face painting, Pie Eating, Rock Painting, Scavenger Hunt, etc.

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