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Search for Winter Home Identified as #1 Priority to Growth

At a recent Action Team meeting a winter meeting place was identified as the most urgent matter to be addressed in growing the church over the next 90 days.

As a result of that meeting, a fervent search for winter lodging has begun. A couple potential locations include the generous offer of St. Paul's Colon to share their building and Leonidas Bible Church has also offered a possible location. Much of the interest seems to continue to move the gathering space westward toward Mendon.

One building that has seen multiple visits is the Mendon Wakeman House. This structure would be sufficient for space to grow but it is not in good condition. The potential for renting this location is now being considered, however, the utilities are questionable. The property is currently available, but concerns are that the repairs may actually distract this young church from its purpose. On the other hand, could this location actually help facilitate ministry opportunities.

Other storefronts in Mendon are also being investigated. Members have offered their homes, basements, and barns to serve as temporary meeting locations.

Additional locations are available but may pose conflict of interest issues with other area congregations. Rest assured, though, we will leave no stone unturned.

If you are aware of a suitable location for a temporary or even permanent home for The Chapel of Creator's Praise Ministries, contact us by text at 269-689-7489 or email at

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