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En Gedi Music Festival Sponsor Banquet Great Success

Thursday, September 17th marked the first annual Sponsor banquet. While the number of attendees was slim, those present received the appreciation of the Music Festival Committee for their roll in making the festival a succuss amidst all of the challenges of 2020. Attendees enjoyed a delicious variety of hors devores, along with grilled chicken, shishkabobs, and cheesecake. 2020 was a big step forward for the festival as every other event seemed to pull back, the festival grew in its size and scope.

More than doubling the attendance of the previous year, the festival moved from 1 day to 2 day and enjoyed a phenomenal fireworks display on Friday evening.

At the sponsor banquet, sponsors had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the festival development and were recruited to grow the sponsor base. The theme for the 2021 festival was unveiled at the banquet. After passing through this season of sickness, politics, and social unrest, we will be moving from the RECOVERY theme of 2020 to REVIVE in 2021.

Certainly, the country and world are ripe for revival. Will the church rise to the ocassion? Our theme verse for 2021 is Psalm 71:20 "You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again."

Please pray for the future reach of this festival. Many sponsors are needed to help make this event grow in its effectiveness in maximizing the impact of our theme. Our world needs revival, our church needs revival, God's Word promises revival, we are bring the message of the Psalmist who declares that God will REVIVE us again.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please text Pastor David Grimm at 269-689-7482. For ways to donate, please visit the website at

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